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The Texas Bouncer is committed to serving the Jefferson County community.  Our rentals are delivered on time, clean and setup with care.  Our professional staff is available for any questions our clients may have before, during and after setup.

The Texas Bouncer is experienced with backyard parties, corporate events, school or church functions, festivals, graduation parties, community carnivals, and so much more!

Call and let us help you make your event even more special!





24/7 Online Ordering Process

The Reservation Process is Simple:

1. Select the dates and times when you want to TTB to drop off and pick up your party rentals.

2. Select the items you are interested in.

3. Input your information, as well as where the event will be held.

4. Pay a small deposit or pay in full. No minimum order required!

  • What if I need to cancel my reservation?
    We will transfer your reservation fee (Minimum payment is required to secure the rental) to another date or you can cancel your order a minimum of 7 days prior to your delivery, reservation fees are non-refundable.
  • Does the standard 4-hour rental time include your set up time?
    No. We arrive 1 to 3 hours early to setup, so you get the entire rental time to play. We will call you the day/night before your rental to let you know an approximate delivery time.
  • What surfaces do you set up on?
    We can set up on grass. If setting up on asphalt or concrete there is a hard surface fee and the area needs to be cleared and swept prior to our arrival. Sorry, we can't set up on any type of rocks as the constant rubbing will wear through the vinyl rentals. Also, the lawn area should also be flat and clear of hazards, limbs, leaves, grass clippings, and animal droppings.
  • Does the price include set up and delivery?
    Yes, although additional fees may apply for areas farther out.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    All orders require a 20% or $50 minimum (whichever is greater) Credit Card reservation fee. All minimum payments required are non-refundable.
  • How big are the Inflatables?
    Measure your space to make sure rentals will fit. Rentals need room to be staked in and they need room for the blower and can't rub against walls or trees as this may damage the equipment. The required area is listed with each rental and include the space needed for stakes and a safety zone around the inflatable.
  • Can we see a copy of your contract and safety rules?
    Yes. There is a link in your receipt once you've ordered.
  • What about the big jumps? Any special requirements?
    Check the requirements listed with each rental. Also, make sure you have at least a 4ft clear access to the area where it will be set up. These rentals can weigh up to 700 pounds so we need a clear path with ample room.
  • Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?
    Yes and no. You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over time. If this happens, please alert us at once so we can respond to access the situation. If, however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower, etc. which can cost thousands of dollars. We don't want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign and initial on all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.
  • What about parks?
    Setup at City Parks for private rentals require special permission call us on 409-242-8030 to get approval. All bookings placed without pre-approval will be cancelled.
  • Can we run a cord/hose across a Road, Parking lot or Sidewalk?
    No, we cannot run a cord or hose across a Road, Parking Lot or Sidewalk if there is going to be any traffic whatsoever. We suggest you rent a generator to avoid this as we will not be able to setup or supply a generator without it being booked in advance and may result in us not being able to set up and no refund will be given.
  • When do you set up?
    That depends on how many rentals we have that day. Generally, we arrive 1-3 hours before the rental time begins. We call the day before to confirm that someone will be at the party location to accept delivery.
  • We've rented some really dirty jumps from other companies in the past. Are they always that dirty?
    No. The rental should be clean when you get it. The Texas Bouncer cleans and disinfects after every rental.
  • What if it is windy or rainy?
    If winds exceed 15 mph or gusts to 20 mph, you must remove all occupants and turn off the blower and allow the unit to deflate. Leave the unit down until the weather event has passed and winds are less than 15 mph before re-inflating and using. We reserve the right to cancel reservations due to inclement weather.
  • What payments do you take?
    We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash App, and Zelle. Cash payments are only accepted under extreme circumstances.Please call us to discuss at 409-242-8030. Checks are not accepted due to the number of returned checks.
  • Do we have to keep it plugged in the entire time?
    Yes. A blower keeps air in the jump unit the entire time so it needs to be plugged in when in use. Once unplugged they deflate. That's why we require a power outlet within 100ft of the unit or a generator. Longer cords can pop your circuit breaker so we bring our own heavy duty cords.
  • Water Inflatables
    All water inflatables need to be located within 100ft of a hose spicket. We supply 100ft of hose with all Water Inflatables and Dunk Tanks. You can use more of your own hose. If there is not a spicket within reach we will leave the inflatable with the water not connected. We do NOT supply water.
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